Jason Whitehorn has had a varied history in music – touring in both the secular, CCM, and worship realms.  Jason has played as a solo artist and played or worked with the likes of Darryl Worley, Confederate Railroad, Kenny Chesney, Matt Maher, Casting Crowns, and more.  As a result, Jason  has enjoyed working with several companies over the years in providing quality gear for worship and performance.  Below is a listing of companies that either support Jason in artist relations or Jason endorses.


Jason plays with Gopher Wood products for acoustic sets.  His primary guitar is a Gopher Wood G800RE and a G820CE while his backups consist of a a custom Gibson J-200 and a custom 1950’s antiquity Gibson J-45.  Jason is endorsed as an artist by Gopher Woods guitars.  Learn more about Jason’s guitar and Gopher Woods in the video below.



Jason plays a variety of electric guitars – but is thankful to Fender for their support of worship and the arts.  Jason plays a modified Fender Stratocaster with an Eric Johnson pickup configuration (nicknamed “The Chameleon” by our friends at D’Addario)  His arsenal also includes a custom parts-caster (in the header image at the top of the page) as well as a Fender Telecaster.

Guitar Care:

Deric-RushJason’s newly preferred luthier was recently found by accident on his way to Indianapolis when the peghead of his J-200 was broken pre-flight.  Getting a repair of this nature in less than 48 hours is a near impossible feat professionally.  Thats when Jason met Deric Rush of GuitarWorks in CczlPTMWEAEFW2EIndianapolis.  “Doc Deric” dropped everything to make magic happen – and returned the Gibson playing even better than it was before.

“It is blatantly obvious that Deric knows his stuff.  My guitars won’t be touched by another soul in the future.  Doc simply works magic.”


Jason uses a a VOX AC15 as well as an Egnator Rebel 20 with a single Egnator cab

Other Gear

screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-11-27-01-pmJason is thankful for the partnership with Shure for their work in creating excellent audio gear.  Jason uses Shure wireless packs for IEM usage as well as Shure Beta 87C mics for vocals.  As an Alclair artist, Jason uses custom Alclair Tour in-ears.

Jason uses G7th Performance 2, Performance 1, and Nashville capos and is thankful for G7th’s partnership.

The great people at G7th have even created a unique “Jason Whitehorn” Performance 2 capo for Jason.  How cool is that?

To protect his guitars, Jason chooses GRUV GEAR’s “Gig Blade” guitar bags.  Read more about these bags here.

Jason uses a variety of pedals for his pedalboard – but readily endorses TC Electronics and T1M Effects for their support over the years.  Jason is very vocal to say that his favorite “will never leave the board” pedal is “The Pearl” made by Dan Burgess of t1m and highly recommends his products.  (Thanks as well to great guys like Tight Squeeze Cables).  Jason uses custom Sinasoid cables for his signal chain and thanks them for their support.

Jason uses D’Addario strings on both his acoustics and electrics and is a D’Addario/Planet Waves endorsed artist.

Speaking of pedalboards – Jason uses Creation Music Company‘s “Streamliner Plus” as his pedalboard of choice.  Watch the video below to hear Jason explain why.

2018 Walkthru

Jason currently uses a Creation flatboard for his acoustic pedalboard as well.

Thanks, as well, to Planet Waves for continued support of gear such as Planet Waves Humidipacks and other guitar care items.

For wireless needs for Jason’s guitars, Jason uses the PRA WiC system available from  Watch below as Jason talks about the system.

What’s With The Birds?

You are observant!  If you look close enough, you will find that Jason has a bird decal of some sort on all of his guitars.  They will usually be affixed to the exterior of electrics and inside of soundholes on acoustics.  They are there to remind him of his life verse – Matthew 6:26.  The verse is a reminder to let go…and let God provide for care and needs just as He shows He does for the birds of the air.

WRSHP : I’d Like To Buy A Vowel Please!

I’ve you’ve run into Jason somewhere…backstage, in town, during a radio interview – you’ll likely notice a hat that says “WRSHP”.  These are Jason’s favorite hats from one of his favorite ministries called  “These hats are made by an amazing dude named Channel Dixon.  He has a great story – and these hats make great conversation starters.”  There is a great reason behind why there are no vowels in the word WRSHP.  Care to guess why?

Other Apparel

Many of the shirts that Jason wears on stage are courtesy of 1Eighty Apparel.  For years, the team at 1Eighty have been making some of the most uplifting and encouraging apparel on the market and, like the hats from Art of Homage, the shirts and jackets are conversation starters with people of all walks of life.  Find your own unique style and gear at


jan_smith.pngJason would love to recommend his personal vocal coach to you or your team.  He affectionately refers to her as “Mama Jan” – and so do many others.  Jan Smith has been the vocal coach to many top Grammy winners for years with professional credits including multi-platinum, Grammy winning and nominated artists Usher, The Band Perry, Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty, Justin Bieber, Drake, Keyshia Cole, Sugarland, Monica, Jill Scott, LaToya, Ciara, TLC, Omarion, India.Arie and Collective Soul. While she is one of the first names mentioned by Grammy award winners in their acceptance speeches – Mama J has a great passion for God and His church.  Find out more about her at


“But what can you tell me about vocal tricks?”

“For touring and studio vocal aides – there is no substitute for proper exercise for your voice and water – water – water.  Warm up your voice.  Warm down your voice.  For touring or studio I use a one-two punch that I learned from guys like Matt Maher.  It’s a combo of Throat Coat tea and Roxalia dissolvable tabs.

                                                                                           – Jason Whitehorn

Need an endorsement?

Jason loves talking about new and great products that can be used by the worship arts world.  If you have a product or service that you would like to have Jason use and review for consideration at, please use the contact form below.

(His Name Is) JESUS // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  1. (His Name Is) JESUS // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  2. All Things New // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  3. As Long As I have Breath // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  4. Never Alone // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  5. Masterpiece // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  6. Where Were You? // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  7. It Is Well (ft. Ted Yoder) // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
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