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04 August 2014

…and there are the weak days


Each week, I gather the entire Worship, Audio, Video, and Tech teams together in the production room about 5 minutes before service for prayer time before we go out on the stage. Atop the list of things we routinely pray for – asking God to help us to remove all the distractions from the service so that people can see HIM. We are a rather large church in one of the United States largest oil boom cities. We’ve got all the bells and whistles: state-of-the-art sound, light, and video system …and lots that could go wrong in a worship set and distract.

This week we were down a pastor from an illness and I needed to do announcements. Not a normal issue for me – accept something happened in the first song. I started becoming dizzy the moment I turned and looked at our drummer to start the first song. “Something isn’t right“, I kept thinking. I went into the meet-and-greet and went down hill from there. I hit the announcements….and oh boy did I ever ramble. I couldn’t make sense of anything I was saying much less expect the congregation to understand.

By the time we got into the worship set, I was fighting not to pass out. By the time we got into our pastoral prayer…I was debating my exit off the stage. I excused myself to my office and layer down in my floor.

…I can’t begin to tell you the thoughts that went through my head. As I lay here at 12:55am after coming home and sleeping most all day – I can tell you that most every thought I had began and concluded with “I have ruined worship for our congregation today!”

My sugars were crashing…my head was spinning…and I was ruining the day.

I spent two services in the same fog. And I just knew that everyone knew it. Then, as I stood backstage preparing to go out after the sermon in the second service – after an amazing sermon about God being “shalom” – I read a Facebook post from one of our worship team members:


Did I give myself too little credit? No. That’s not the point. The point is that GOD is still God. The Holy Spirit still moves. I needed that today. For whatever reason – I’ve needed to be knocked on my rear all afternoon and evening. I needed to hear that post from Kiley. I needed to let my wife, my worship team, my tech director, and a man that I’ve been counseling for a few months minister to me between services today…

…and I needed to learn that God was still moving amongst His people.

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