20 May 2014

Never Forget The ONE

We are blessed to have a God who loves us enough to have sent His Son to die for us….for us!!. We shouldn’t need anything else I’m life past that point…yet God rewards us with many things. For some of us…we get to be blessed with the opportunity to stand on a stage and lead... Read More
03 October 2013

First Day of Catalyst

There are a few things today that I am reminded of – not as a worship pastor – but as a worshiper: – Rend Collective can and always will get your heart pumping faster for God. – Sitting next to Mandissa and trying to get her to not worship is like trying to stop a... Read More
11 September 2013

Creating Moments

Sitting here at the Lake-house at about 10:30 with lots on my mind…but pressing forward to greater things. We’ve been blessed with an amazing house to live in with a gorgeous view of the Badlands right on the lake, a chef’s gourmet kitchen, giant family deck and separate private balcony off the master suite, and... Read More
03 July 2013

The Greatest of these is….

Stopped today and talked with a homeless man… …actually, I stopped first to grab him something to eat, handed him a Bible and talked to him a bit from my truck before shaking his hand and driving away. Something told me to go back and pray with him…so I did. Meet Gary. Gary is homeless…and... Read More
05 June 2013

Notes of encouragement

There’s a note of encouragement that I look at often…it’s from a man who has probably brought more people to Christ than I can even imagine in numerous countries across the globe. I love the note because out of all he does on a daily basis…his note reminds me that he prays for me daily.... Read More
31 December 2012

My New-found obsession

I’ve been introduced to my new Canon T3i DSLR and have since had my horizons expanded. For my creative-type folks…what are “must haves” for a guy just learning DSLR photography that NOT based on some iphone app and video shooting?
18 August 2012

I’m Jason…and I’m IMPERFECT

I’ve picked up plenty of new followers lately – and I figured a proper introduction was due. My name is Jason Whitehorn…and I’m imperfect. In fact – I’m writing a book on the topic of being an imperfect worship leader…and I’d like to take you along on the journey. If you’d like to be a... Read More
(His Name Is) JESUS // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  1. (His Name Is) JESUS // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  2. All Things New // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  3. As Long As I have Breath // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  4. Never Alone // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  5. Masterpiece // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  6. Where Were You? // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  7. It Is Well (ft. Ted Yoder) // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
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