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I have the honor of traveling to various churches and events for speaking and worship events.  Some are compensated – and some are not.  Along with travels are expenses that aren’t always thought about – batteries, strings, voice care items, etc.

I have a list of items that I maintain at Amazon that would help my music ministry.  They are on a “Wish List”.  Items there can be purchased as “gifts” and are shipped directly to me.  You can have them shipped anonymously if you desire, or have your name attached if you would like as well.

(Note: God is AMAZING – and many of you have provided for the items are most needed on the list.  Most that remain are more on either the “want” side or larger items to protect gear as I travel.  n addition, there are some anger video items for our instructional videos at as well as for use for making bumper videos for sermon illustration bumpers.  There are some smaller items such as batteries or books for ministry available as well.  Thank each of you for assisting in the provision!)

The link for the Wish List is located here:

I thank you, in advance, for any consideration you might make.

Never Alone // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  1. Never Alone // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
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