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25 January 2019

My Shoulder

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It’s been a week since surgery – and I thought I would update everyone on how I am.  Since I don’t often get a chance to update my “Official Blog”, I thought I’d actually start using it to give some progress and, for some of you, a glimpse into what happened.

The Beginning

In the beginning of May 2010, the Nashville area (my home at the time) became flooded with a tremendous amount of rain.  My property received flooding as did many others.  Mine was lucky as the flood waters only reached up to the back deck.  We had no interior flooding.  So many others were not so lucky.

In the days following, I went out to help with some recovery like many Nashvillians did.  In one day of the efforts, we were trying to take down huge trees from falling on houses.  While a chain saw crew would prep to cut them down, a rope would be fastened to the top of the tree and then the rope would be secured to a truck to create ample tension to pull the tree away from the house while the tree could be properly “chopped down” by the chainsaws – and save the houses.  Nope…not what happened.  You see…that would be the smart thing to do.  Everything ELSE happened….expcept there was no truck holding tension on the tree to pull it away from falling on the home.  It was me.  After about 12 trees…I felt a pop in my right shoulder.  I was done for the rest of the day.

I went to get XRAY, CT, and MRI in the coming days and was told “youlll need PT and eventually need surgery to fix it.”  I didn’t want to interrupt my guitar playing…or, at worse, never be able to play again…so I didn’t.

A Few Months Back

I’ve lived life normally, for the most part.  The injury hasn’t killed me.  I go to the gym.  I even have a personal trainer.  The shoulder never slowed me down.

…until a few months back.  SOMETHING started happening.  I don’t what started it.  I’ve had my ideas since the surgery.  “Oh yeah!  I remember when I fell…” “What about when _____ happened?”  …but the truth is, we may never know what caused my shoulder to suddenly go down hill – but indeed it did.

I couldn’t even put my guitar on over my head.  Deric, one of my best friends, lead guitarist, and guitar tech was having to help me put my guitar on backstage so that I didn’t have to look so awkward cringing to put it on and take it off.  That was my first few months.  Finally…I just couldn’t play.  It was time to get something done.

Physical Therapy

My surgeon (same one the Indianapolis Colts use) found issues with my labrum, claivcal, bursae, and bicep that needed to be worked on – and we decided to try physical therapy first so that I didn’t HAVE to do surgery and be without my arm for so long.  We started PT twice a week in October.  It was painful…but seemed to be working.  Then, towards the end of November and beginning of December, my therapists began feeling like the more I was working it…them more it was “locking up”.


My surgery took place January 17th – one day before the release of my latest single “(His Name Is) Jesus” and two days before my birthday.  The surgeon discovered that, amongst other things, I had “Frozen Shoulder”.  He had to work to get them into my arm several times because it was so locked up.  He had to break up all the capsule first and then perform the acromioplasty, remove the bicep and reattach it and all of the other stuff that he needed to do.

I remember the anesthesiologist telling me “you’re going to have sweet dreams in 10 seconds”.  I told the nurses around me “Thank you so much.  Good luck.  Im praying for you…”

…that was it.

I woke up in a recover room almost 4 hours later.

I had an interscalene nerve block in the back of my neck…so I felt nothing in my arm.  In fact…I didn’t feel anything until almost 30 hours later.

Physical Therapy…Again

With the work that was done, it is important that the capsule doesn’t scar up and close up again.  I began PT the following Monday.  For the foreseeable future – potential six months or beyond – I will be doing PT for 2-3 times a week.

As of Today

Today is one week and one day after the procedure.  It is Friday.  I am sitting on the couch at my house typing this to each of you.  My pain is borderline at times.  Then it is hard at times.  I went back to my surgeon yesterday and got the stitches taken out.  I have steri-strips on all of my incisions.  I also have the ghastliest bruise on my bicep that I would swear is as big as a volleyball.  I can’t drive for 4-6 weeks.  Ill be in this cry-cuff and sling contraption for 4-6 weeks…but there is good news.

The surgeon says I will return to full range of motion.  There is NO doubt about it.  I just need to stick to my PT.  And I am.  I do PT 2 times a week and I do my exercises here at the house 3 times a day.

What Has Mattered Most

Through this journey – your prayers for me have mattered so much.  My family has mattered so much.  I could not do it without them.  By far the biggest thing in my life (aside from God, of course) – is my wife.  Crystal has been tirelessly beside me through it all.  She barely sleeps.  She’s made sure I’ve had the pain management and anti-inflammatory stuff given to me on schedule.  She has attended to needs.  She has been the all star in this.  Ive seen her almost sleep with one eye open worrying about me.  …but she’s my champion.  Im truly honored to have her.  When Im done with this…nothing will stop me from giving her the strongest hug imaginable.

Thank you to ALL of you for being in this journey.

Now..you didn’t think I’d let you read all of this personal stuff without one last request, right?

Go buy “(His Name Is) Jesus” , would ya?

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