One of the greatest honors you can have is to have others value your work.  When others take your work and claim it as an anthem of their life, however, there are no words to describe the feeling it gives you as a songwriter.  The songs on this album were very personal to me in a great sense.  I am beyond honored to hear when people battling cancer, death, adversity…and simply life find peace and joy within the lyrics of these songs.  Thank you for sharing your stories in response with me!  Keep them coming!

What People Are Saying…

No matter where you are on your journey in life, “As Long As I Have Breath” will fill your heart with peace and set your steps firmly on a positive path toward God’s love. I’m struggling with the questions we all ask when your child discovers they are fighting cancer. From the reassurance of the beautiful song, “Never Alone”, to the peaceful hammered dulcimer of Jason’s song, “It Is Well”, every corner of your heart and mind can find retreat from the sorrows of the day. If you are wanting inspiration, look no farther than, “As Long As I Have Breath”. We all have struggles in life…. when you need inspiration and peace, this is the go to album to calm the torrential waters. I thank God for giving Jason his gifts of insight and musicality. I feel blessed to know him, as he is a true Christian witness and a rock to lean on.

From the reassuring words of Never Alone, to the raw, compelling honesty of Where Were You, from old standards like It is Well and Nothing But the Blood to new classics like As Long As I Have Breath, this album has something for everyone.

‘Never Alone’ is a truly stunning and epic anthem.  …this really is one of the most heartfelt songs of the year. Something special and important seems to happen when this is played.

– Jono Davies,

I have been struggling with stomach cancer and his song Never Alone has been my theme song throughout my struggles. The songs on this album can make you think hard about your relationship with God and also make you feel awesome that you know God is in your life and is with you at all times. Jason has put some real heart and soul into this album and you can tell it with every song. I would recommend this album to anybody that likes Christian music.

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All Things New // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  1. All Things New // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  2. As Long As I have Breath // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  3. Never Alone // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  4. Masterpiece // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  5. Where Were You? // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  6. It Is Well (ft. Ted Yoder) // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
  7. Nothing But The Blood (It Is Finished) // Jason Whitehorn - As Long As I Have Breath
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