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12 March 2016

The Taste of a $35.00 Dr. Pepper

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Touring and performing artists have certain contracts called “riders” that outline a set of requests between the venue and the artist.  A lot of times, booking agents would recall something that you had previously mentioned you really liked having in dressing room or green room and all of the sudden it would appear on your rider.  Other times, you might sneak these items on your rider – especially if they were quirky – to see if the venue was paying attention.  If you requested all green M&Ms in your dressing room and found the green delights when you got there…it was a good sign that you would be taken care.

Today, my rider has things that relate to needs for certain sound equipment or mic preferences and certain dietary restrictions I have if food is provided.  Earlier, however, in my days – I had a rider that contained one quirky listing:

“A six pack of Dr. Pepper in glass the 10-2-4 bottles from Dublin, TX”

I loved these.  These bottles from Dublin meant that the Dr. Pepper was made with Imperial cane sugar…they way Dr. Pepper was originally made.  The taste was the closest thing to heaven.

This is where the story takes a turn.  You see…I don’t want to focus on a soft drink.  I want to take a moment to thank the most amazing person in my life…my wife.  Years after the days of including trivial things like “Dublin Dr. Peppers” in my rider – my wife remembered my love for the drink.  She had asked me what I wanted for Christmas…and I told her “I haven’t had Dublin Dr. Peppers in years!  Perhaps you could grab me some of those?”  Little did I know I would send her down a near impossible path.  You see, Dublin, TX and Snapple (the company that makes Dr. Pepper) had recently been in a battle over ceasing to allow the city of Dublin to continue making the special Dr. Pepper anymore.  It had become such a huge issue that it put a high demand on the last remaining bottles of Dr. Pepper.  I had no clue this was going on.  Neither did my wife until she started searching for them for me for Christmas.  Relentless…she found them for me.  She ended up buying me a Dr. Pepper off of eBay of all places for $35.00.  WOW.

Needless to say…I kept that $35.00 bottle unopened as a souvenir for a few years as a result.  It was special.  To my wife…it wasn’t trivial.  It was something I didn’t get on a regular basis…and she cared enough for me that she wanted to get it for me.

This month – I drank the Dr. Pepper.  Its the very bottle in the picture above.  It was the best $35.00 Dr. Pepper I’ve ever had.  I drank it in celebration of completing my seminary Summa Cum Laude and for accepting a job as Redemptive Arts Pastor at Grace Church in Indy.  The thought behind the Dr. Pepper still resonated with me.  My wife has been beside me through every moment I’ve spent writing papers in seminary, staying up late to complete a class or assignment – and has been my biggest cheerleader.

They used to say “A Dr. Pepper at 10, 2, and 4 will keep you healthy”….but I’d dare say a great wife will keep you healthier.

Thank you, Crystal…you are the most amazing woman I know…and you deserve all the recognition in the world.

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